Wealth Protection Plan

HNWIs own or invests in assets and businesses established around the world.


They also want to protect people around them or to transfer to them part or all their assets if anything happens. Only few of them have already set up a structure, a retirement plan, an inheritance program to ensure that their affairs, businesses and incomes will be continued and transfered to the next generation.


Situations encountered may be of several types


Many HNWIs have participations, are holding portfolio of securities, co-investing with other families or investors. They also can invest shares in  projects or own estates based all around the world like villas, yacht or planes.


The Luxembourg Private Foundation is a new type of structure totally adapted to these situations.


The Settlor, who can be resident or not,  transfers its assets to the Foundation. He appoints a board of directors who will be in charge of the administration of the structure. Beneficiaries are appointed.

The Settlor can also appoint Creatrust as a Protector, who will take care of the respect of the settlor’s wishes. He will also responsible of the following of the procedure of transfer to the next generation.


To help HNWIs in the set up of their retirement and succession plans, a package of services has then created by Creatrust: the Wealth Protection Plan, which follows four steps.

More information on our Creatrust website: https://www.creatrust.com/family-offices/wealth-protection-plan

The Luxembourg government issued a draft law on such private foundation in the summer of 2013. But these provisions have not come into effect since the bill has yet to be voted.