Private Assets Consolidation

Family Offices and individuals hold  assets they also have to administer. This may sometimes be difficult as  they can be of several types (quoted or non quoted, private equities, real estate, …), in different forms (in direct, in trust, via investment funds, …) and in different countries.


This complexity prevents full transparency on the valuation of assets, income and risks. It also makes difficult to obtain a accurate follow-up of the assets for external parties  and an efficient reporting for legal or tax authorities.

In order to allow advisors and managers to provide high level of service in consolidating their assets and elaborating an appropriate reporting for Family Offices, they need to have instant access to  their clients’ portfolio and up to date market information.


Creatrust’s solution is to provide a automated solution allowing the monitoring, reporting, regulatory compliance and rebalancing.

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The Luxembourg government issued a draft law on such private foundation in the summer of 2013. But these provisions have not come into effect since the bill has yet to be voted.