About Creatrust

Creatrust is a Luxembourg independent provider of corporate, funds, and family office services for international clients whishing to establish their operations or structures in Luxembourg.


Our highly qualified team of professionals offers a integrated solution based on our expertise in accounting, tax, legal, administration and financial matters.


Our clients say about Creatrust that we are a partner of choice thanks to our working model and our excellent knowledge of Luxembourg and international legal, regulatory and fiscal fields.


Creatrust is accredited chartered accountant, and a member of the Luxembourg Ordre des ExpertsComptables. We are also member of several professional tax associations and networks based in more than 100 countries around the world.


Our Clients
  • Corporate clients seek our legal and fiscal advice for the successful structuring and administration of their private equity transactions, real estate companies, acquisitions, mergers, holdings, co-investments, income streams and intellectual property, partnerships, and financial plans.
  • Asset Managers or Promoters use our services as a one-stop-shop for innovative and expert design of the best solutions to pool investors’ interests by creating and administering the most flexible and adapted Investment Vehicles, whether regulated or non-regulated.
  • Family Offices or Private Clients (HNWIs) entrust us with the mission to optimise the structuring of their wealth, assets, and portfolios. They seek our help in monitoring and optimising their investments and real-estate portfolios, whilst always taking into account any succession plans. Creatrust provides full reporting services, private asset consolidation services, and will structure a process for the production of a Wealth Protection Plan.
Why Creatrust

Our Philosophy


Acting in the interests of our clients and establishing trusted relationships is the cornerstone of our business model and the ethos of our in-house code of conduct. Our clients expect that we sit “at the same side of the table” with them so that when we analyse their options they have every assurance of our dedication to providing them with unbiased advice and expert execution. This is our number one commitment.


Creatrust contains the word trust. We chose this name carefully as it encompasses what is most important to us. Open communication, honesty and truthfulness, all based on in-depth understanding of our clients’ legal and fiscal situation, are what gives our clients complete confidence. For us, Creatrust truly means creating trust over time.


Our key elements


  • Independence: Creatrust differentiates itself by providing unbiased advice to our customers. Creatust is truly independent and is not linked to any institutions, banks or other providers.
  • In-house expertise: In-house expertise: Creatrust provides a one-stop-shop solution for incorporation and administration of the structure chosen by the client without requiring the input of external services providers. This guarantees flexibility and is fundamental in the building of trusted relationships over the years.
  • Technology: Creatrust supplies state-of-the-art technology-backed services to enable the efficient and safe administration of vehicles and investments.
  • Trust: Creatrust’s associates and partners are proud to serve their clients and have developed long-term relationships with the promoters and clients they work with.


Our technology: FundNav® et Intradomus®


  • FundNav®: a bespoke solution to provide investor reporting and executing transactions for mutual funds, securitisation vehicles and investments structures. Creatrust has developed a platform for its clients to offer a secure online storage, reporting and transaction execution. Data is stored on a secured server in Luxembourg. Each investor may consult the evolution of the NetAsset Value of his investment online;  he is notified of any update by email. Each promoter or asset manager may overlook its investors’s position, communicate with the pool of investors linked with the mutual Fund it manages and receive update periodically.


  • Intradomus ®: a secured portal enabling communications between Creatrust and our clients.